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3 Questions and your Daily Happiness Harmonics

Look around you and I'm confident you're feeling what many people are today--some degree of continued uncertainty. Regardless of your decade of birth, it would be difficult to argue that things really haven't changed. Many of us look back on the past as though it held a greater degree of happiness. But, what is happiness, and how would we even begin to measure it?

The University of California at Berkeley offers what they call the "World Happiness Report." In it, they use six key variables to measure differences in happiness across nations: "income, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust, with the latter measured by the absence of corruption in business and government." They even offer an altruistic website at that's worth following. What came out of their 2021 World Happiness Report rather surprised many as our entire planet struggled with a global pandemic. They reported "no change in positive feelings, or satisfaction with our life." That's right! Read it again..."no change in positive feelings, or satisfaction with our life."

Among the many pearls of wisdom offered by the researchers of this report, they emphasized, "Human relationships are extremely important and need to be given a great deal of attention--we should not sacrifice them in the name of economic efficiency." It turns out that a lot of happiness comes from autonomy and trust across those relationships. We're not a species that thrives in "lockdown" situations. What I love most about this data is the observation that "happiness is local." As their studies on happiness continue to show, "our emotions shift day by day based on what's happening in our local area." Those shifting emotions are part of all our lives. That sounds like something I know well, the harmonics of happiness in your daily life.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily track the harmonics of happiness? Applying psychometrics to your daily life in the pursuit of happiness is easy! You can actually do it with just 3 questions a day. Your life is a lot like the culture of many groups, where you are surrounded by shifting dynamics and limited resources. My Daily Harmonics is a FREE system applying groundbreaking personality theory to help you on your journey toward living a harmonic life each day. Simply visit and take a 3 question quiz to start. You don't have to subscribe (though you can if you like) or enroll in anything to take the quiz.

At you can access free downloadable and printable guides to teach you how to apply those daily measurements in life. You'll discover your "Spheres of Harmonic Influence" and how it aligns with your personality type, even every day as those emotions and conditions change! Give it a's FREE! As you discover your type we do of course offer some pretty cool t-shirts and other products to keep us going financially, But again, the system and printable guides are FREE. You can also visit an informative video overview of My Daily Harmonics here.

There really is a world of happiness out there. Whatever your challenges in life, you can start exploring your own personal harmonics with the world around you. Will this system make you a happier person? Maybe...but a lot of that depends on you and those six key variables in the World Happiness Report. While you cannot always control those variables in your life, you can look for insights based on what's happening to you and your happiness each day through this FREE system. Enjoy, and as always we welcome your comments at!

Dr. Stephen W. Dunnivant


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