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Steampunk Scopa is a modernized version of an Italian classic card game that's been played for over four centuries!

If you are a fan of fast-paced card games mixing skill and chance, we know you'll LOVE playing Steampunk Scopa!  It's easy to learn and quick to play with several versions to choose from using the same deck.  It's based on the classic and highly popular Italian card game, Scopa.  Each round places you against your challengers as you try to "sweep away your enemies."  Like the original game, Steampunk Scopa builds in challenge the more you play.  We've added to this amazing classic by bringing new character cards and expanded versions for exciting play at all levels!

Kings and Queens are joined by Jesters, Knaves, Rogues, and the occasional Spy, Sky Captain, and more.   Strategies kick in as players try to "sweep the battlefield" of cards clear and capture their enemies to earn points to win the game,  It's an all out war as the battles rapidly shift from round to round of play.    



Conventional Steampunk Scopa
(quick and easy play)

Each player is dealt three cards from the deck of 55 cards.  The dealer turns over the the next 4 cards for all to see and places them on the table.  Each player starts by trying to combine number cards to total 7 (seven) OR match any character card in their hand (Kings for Kings, 4s for 4s, Queens for Queens, etc.).  As they do, they collect the cards in their own pile for points at the end of the round.   

Players continue to try to match and "sweep" and capture number and face cards as each round proceeds until the deck is fully played.  But watch out, as "special cards" appear to disrupt battles and shift the game!  


There's SO much more! 

As players are dealt their three cards each round, special cards like the Warlock* can appear, shifting the entire battle!  The Spy* can render even the most powerful card meaningless.  The Steampunk Mechanic* can fix anything (for better or worse), while the Sky Captain* shifts the winds of war.  And watch out for the "X*" cards as this Steampunk technology will change a player's strategy in seconds! 

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Extended and Advanced Play

Steampunk Scopa can be played in multiple challenging versions from the same deck designed for your skills and enjoyment!  

Meet our Steampunk Characters and Cards

Don't Miss Our First Edition!

STEAMPUNK SCOPA's inaugural deck contains 53 cards!

There are four suits to reflect the Steampunk genre:  Hearts, for the love of the game.  Pistols of copper to defend your soldiers.  Sabers of steel to bring to battle.  Potions of war to aid you in your path to victory!

STEAMPUNK SCOPA consists of 28 number cards (2-7), 20 character (face) cards (Aces, Kings, Queens, Dukes (and a Duchess), and Rogues, 4 "special character cards" (Spy*, Warlock*, Mechanic*, and Sky Captain*), and 1 "X" card*. 

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We are delighted to announce that Steampunk Scopa is AVAILABLE TODAY from
"The Game Crafter."  Simply follow the Buy Today button to order your copy and join our growing community of "Scopa Fanatics" in "Steampunk Style!  We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ratings here or at the Steampunk Scopa Game Crafter site. 

Steampunk Scopa follows our small family company's Anaveno Games previously successful KICKSTARTER PROJECT, "Lyric Wars."   Kickstarter has helped bring amazing games to millions.  Thanks to our backers, the Lyric Wars game was developed and is available for purchase today on Amazon!


Please join our previous backers and get ready to Pre-order your copy of Steampunk Scopa on Kickstarter!  That link is coming in we must build interest and a following first!  Please consider joining our secure e-mailing list for our Steampunk Scopa Kickstarter announcement and we'll keep you updated on EXCULSIVE  Expansion Packs! 

Our Story


Like any good game design prospect, we've been testing!


Ages 8 to 80 have SO enjoyed our games, they can't wait for the next editions and expansion sets.  We started with a half dozen printed decks, mini hour glass timers, and can see it here...a "doorman's bell!"  


What we kept seeing were the smiles.  Players enjoyed different aspects of our games.  The thing that was obvious was that regardless of age, everyone wanted to play more.  We know you'll be the same, enjoying hours of fun with family and friends as you join the Anaveno Games community.

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