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Lyric Wars is an exciting and fun game for all ages!

Whatever type of music and songs you enjoy, we know you'll LOVE playing
Lyric Wars!
  It's easy to learn and quick to play with many versions to choose from.  Players simply list as many song titles or lyrics they can from the word on the card displayed.  Each round decreases in time, and increases in fun!  Little Lyric Lies, Electronic Warfare, Genres, Decades, TV/Video, DJ/VJ and more add to the challenge and enjoyment.

The game gets more intense as the time decreases.  Strategies kick in as players can make up their own lyrics, sometimes use their phones or tablets, or challenge other individual players for even more points.  It's an all out war as the battles shift from round to round of play.  


Conventional Battle
(quick and easy play)

The full game comes with a timer.  The dealer places the deck on the table, sets the timer to 3 minutes, and turns over the top card.  Everyone starts writing down every song or lyric they can recall containing the word on the displayed card. 


Players can list songs OR parts of lyrics.  After the timer goes off, everyone reads their list.  Each player must convince others that their songs and lyrics actually exist by singing it or just offering more details.  Players get two points for each song no one else listed and one point if someone else had the same song.  Repeat this for three battles as time goes down. The player with the most points at the end wins the war!  Simple, right?


BUT WAIT:  There's SO much more! 

As players add to their lists, if they can't recall any more songs or lyrics, they can make them up. Little Lyric Lies are guesses that their created lyrics actually exist.  For example, if LOVE is displayed, a player could list "Love is forever" hoping that it's in a song.  But watch out!  Other players can CHALLENGE.  The challenger sets the timer to 30 seconds and tosses it to other player who must then find the challenged song on their phone or tablet.  3 points for successful challenges and 3 points lost if the song or lyrics exist!


Extended and Advanced Play

Lyric Wars can be played in challenging versions from the same deck and offers a wide range of expansion decks designed for your skills and enjoyment!  


Don't Miss Our First Edition!

Enjoy LYRIC WARS inaugural deck containing 54 cards!

You can play all the different versions of the game using just this deck and your cell phone or tablet.  No app or downloads are needed other than your current favorite internet search engine and the "stopwatch" feature already on almost all cell phones.

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Lyric Wars is currently a "Kickstarter Project" and we need your help!  Kickstarter has helped bring amazing games to millions.  Your support will reserve your Lyric Wars First Edition Deck OR you can pre-order our Full Version Boxed Set.  The full set is designed with a custom timer players can set at the 30 second, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute (our test players found these "egg-timer" devices more fun to use than their phones), custom score pads, starter deck, and custom pencils.


Lyric War Expansion Decks and Lyric Wars Theme Decks like our Rock and Roll Edition deck and Country Music Edition deck  are also available to all Kickstarter supporters.  Join our secure e-mailing list and we'll keep you updated on the launch of the will receive an EXCULSIVE Lyric Wars Expansion Pack available ONLY to our early supporters. 

Play with our Cards and Your Phone OR
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Our Story


Like any good game design prospect, we've been testing!


Ages 8 to 80 have SO enjoyed the game, they can't wait for the next editions and the full game set.  We started with a half dozen printed decks, mini hour glass timers, and can see it here...a "doorman's bell!"  


What we kept seeing were the smiles.  Players enjoyed different aspects of the game; Decades, Genres, Last Man Standing, and even full-on Electronic Warfare.  Other players leveraged those Little Lyric Lies quite often (I suspect they were great Balderdash © players).  The thing that was obvious was that regardless of age or singing ability (which is NOT needed), everyone wanted to play more.  We know you'll be the same, enjoying hours of fun with family and friends as you join the Lyric Wars community.

20 Somethings
20 Somethings

Thanks Dr. Vadell and Team TechEspresso!

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40 somethings
40 somethings

...and maybe a bit older :)

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Thumbs up from another winner of Lyric Wars!

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20 Somethings
20 Somethings

Thanks Dr. Vadell and Team TechEspresso!

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