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Donald Trump, Sacred Geometry, and Deadly Rip Currents

Donald Trump, Sacred Geometry, and Deadly Rip Currents


If you have read any of my articles, you likely know that I am not a fan of “randomness.”  I argue that this term is applied to any phenomena we are currently unable to predict. Once we develop the ability to predict an outcome to a reasonable level of accuracy, we no longer consider that action “random.” 

Wherever we look today, we see the forces that drive humanity’s relentless pursuit of prediction.  Did you take a shot at Donald Trump’s “Truth Social” stock when it went public?  Maybe you were one of the fortunate investing in the right time in GameStop?  How about that scratch off ticket that you bought on a whim in hopes you might pay off those medical bills or enjoy early retirement?  If we could just predict those numbers our lives would forever change.  There must be some way to do this!  All we have to do is find the forces, the variables, and use the pattern they create to predict the outcome.

Human beings love patterns.  We are evolved to seek them out like they are worth their weight in gold.  Because they are!  If you can predict an event, you can get in front of it.  You can better prepare and increase your chance of succeeding, and sometimes even surviving.   Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layer all types of data looking for patterns and relationships.  When we look at the patterns of rainfall, elevation, soil content, average temperature, and many other “layers” of information we know when and where to plant our crops.  Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has placed this ability to consider countless variables on hyperdrive.  AI systems layer input after input after input, in magnitudes difficult for human beings to even comprehend.  Still, those algorithms are looking for patterns.  Just like us.

Sacred geometry is a relatively modern term for studying the archetypal patterns that create everything in the material world. These patterns have been recognized and cultivated by spiritual traditions throughout history. I’m always thinking about scale.  At every scale of existence, from the subatomic to the galactic, these key patterns bring all things into existence¹.

One fundamental concept in sacred geometry is the use of specific shapes and forms:

The Sphere: Nature uses the sphere as the primal container for energy and consciousness. From cells in our bodies to planets, the sphere plays a crucial role in shaping existence¹.

The Vortex: Nature employs vortex forms to circulate and transmit energy and consciousness from one location to another.

The Platonic Solids: These five perfect divisions of the sphere serve as the basis for diverse forms of matter¹.

There are other patterns throughout nature that have been noticed.  Alan Turing revealed what we call today, “Turing Patterns.”  This is a reaction-diffusion theory that describes interactions between competing agents. It explains pattern formation in systems ranging from animal skin color to human behavior⁷.  Turing patterns have been found in biological systems, including leopard spots, ladybird shells, and bird feathers. They also appear in sand dune ripples and crime hotspots in cities⁷.  Recent research even observed Turing patterns on a microscopic scale in an atomic bismuth monolayer⁷.

So, what does all of this have to do with Rip Currents?

I spent 40 years of my life in the panhandle of Florida (Panama City), along “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches."  What we knew and many tourists did not was that these were also among “The World’s Most Dangerous Beaches.”   Every summer an increasing number of visitors came to our emerald shores never to return home.  I’ve seen their relatives calling for them from the shore at night, out onto an unforgiving and dark sea.  I’ve seen the helicopters circling up and down the shoreline and the valiant emergency personnel rushing to the scene to attempt to revive someone with their lungs filled with saltwater and sand.  It’s heartbreaking.  This is the tragedy of Rip Currents.

The “AltruTek, Inc. Smart Beaches Project”

Over the past 10 years, the Florida Panhandle has experienced a considerable number of fatalities attributed to rip currents. Specifically, in 2021, there were twenty-eight fatalities related to rip currents in Florida alone, marking the highest number of such deaths in the past 12 years. The trend continued into 2023, with twenty-five fatalities reported in Florida that summer, the vast majority of which occurred in the panhandle. Current warning systems, such as the flag system, must be enhanced to protect the public and assure the safety of tourists visiting our region.

A few years ago, I started a non-profit ( with a great colleague of mine.   We are currently focused on finding and mapping unexploded ordnance (UXO) with drones (another pattern pursuit) in Ukraine.  As this campaign moves toward success, we will begin to investigate lifesaving solutions regarding these deadly Rip Currents.  AltruTek proposes to collaborate with Florida State University Panama City engineering professors and students and the local entrepreneurial asset Tech Farms, to investigate the potential for the application of fixed sensors capable of measuring “subsurface turbidity.” As Rip currents form, they move the sand beneath our waters. This creates visible “muddy lines” indicating the direction and intensity of these deadly currents. With appropriately positioned sensors sending subsurface data to a central warehouse empowered by Artificial Intelligence, it may be possible to detect patterns and create an early warning system before these currents fully form.

Imagine a parent behind a hotel or condominium with their cell phone and the “Smart Beach” App loaded.  As the sensors see a pattern in the sand moving beneath the waters, this data is reported to a central server running AI software looking for those patterns.  As the “threshold” is reached, the system sends a warning to only those phones in the GPS proximity of that Rip Current.  Everyone on the beach gets a vibrating and/or audio warning on their phones leaving precious minutes for swimmers to exit the waters.  Is this possible?  I’ve spoken with several retired divers, engineers, and US Navy Seals who think it may indeed be achieved.

If we can find that pattern, we can predict these events.  If we can predict them, we can warn the very people in harm’s way.  The impact of these tragedies on the individual and family level is impossible to calculate.  So now you know what Donald Trump and Sacred Geometry have to do with Rip Currents.  I hope you keep watching as we’ll announce any updates here as well as on  Stay safe…

Dr. Stephen Dunnivant


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