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Follow Jayden, at college in the year 2050...or is it 2025?

Jayden awoke to the patterned vibration she felt on her wrist. Her shift ended just past midnight, and she did her best to get a minimum of six hours of sleep, always craving more. Pressing the side button on her college-provided device and looking at the ceiling above her bed, the cell phone on her nightstand displayed her message alerts as well as her daily schedule. Scrolling through a few messages from her friends and family, she landed on the Broward College App alerts. “Good Morning Jayden,” said an animated sea hawk appearing above her, following her as she rose and made her way to the bathroom. Projected via augmented reality down the hallway and jumping from her vanity to the smart mirror above the sink, “Sammy the Seahawk” shared Jayden’s schedule for the day from the tip of his wing. “It looks like you’re doing well with your core pathway artifacts, Jayden,” said Sammy, “but let’s see if we can carve out a little time for some tutoring in those math objects that have given you some challenges.” Jayden’s schedule adapted before her, adding a tutoring session between her travel to campus and a scheduled activity at the local lake. “Rashad, Demonica, and Alex would like to meet you today for a quick bite this afternoon,” offered Sammy. Jayden clicked the “delay” button appearing on the mirror as she brushed her teeth, not yet in the frame of mind to decide so early. “Today, we’ve planned a few virtual breakout sessions for you, Jayden. Based on your progress this term, you’ll meet virtually with your current cohort for your interdisciplinary portfolio and FinTech project. After that, we’ve got you in a stakeholder debate at the Community Learning Pavilion on the main campus. This will be followed by Professor Galbreth leading you and a few other students through an exercise on critical thinking as we continue to tackle that stormwater runoff issue. Here’s a transportation map to use for a visit to City Hall as we engage the commissioners. By the way, I’ve taken the liberty of contacting your employer to change your shift so you can make this late afternoon visit. Is there anything else I can help you with?” closed Sammy. “Yeah,” said Jayden, “can you move my clock back an hour.” “Sorry,” said Sammy, “Daylight Savings Time ended last month.” Rest of article at

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