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Romexting: Your Guide to Romantic Texting

A FREE E-book on How to Increase the Romance in your Life!

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"Romexting: Your Guide to Romantic Texting."

Hi!  I’m Professor Crush. I’m here to share with you the latessecrets to help you find real…and rewarding…romance in your life! 

Yes, I’m a real professor.  I’ve been teaching people for over 30 years, and have advanced degrees in how and why people think and behave the way they do.  It’s time everyone started to use the science behind creating and sustaining romantic relationships.  So let me teach you!

Let me show you how you can enjoy rewarding personal and intimate relationships.


And please, let me get you started for free.  Let me share the gift of how to
create more romance in your life starting today!

What do you picture when you think of romance?

Whatever image comes to your mind has been formed from years of expectations. 
Wherever you are in your life, YOU deserve that joy!


Let me teach you how to harness the absolute power of the written word. 

You don’t have to be a romantic writer, but I will teach you how to become one.


More importantly, let me show you how to connect to someone by romexting!

Whether you just met that “special someone” or are in a relationship now,
these secrets will help you enjoy untapped potential romance.


There’s no secret to the fact that all human relationships begin with communication.  But, today, how we communicate will often make or break relationships more rapidly than ever. 
Technology has forever changed how we connect.

Instant messaging has become wired into our daily lives.  We have become a
culture of immediate connection.  Why would exploring personal and intimate
relationships be any different?  It’s not! And I’m here to teach you how to evolve

from merely texting someone, to “romexting” someone!

all txt collage.jpg

So , what exactly does a “romext” look like? Well, that depends on many things.  Where are you in the relationship?  What appeals to you?  How long should a Romext message be?  Don’t worry!  I’m going to teach you all of this and so much more! 


So, I’m going to give you the secret, the power or romexting.  And all I’m asking is that you
share this secret with everyone you know.   I’m giving you exclusive free access to the first

free downloads of the e-book, “Romexting: Your Guide to Romantic Texting.”  All I need you to do is to share your honest opinion of this book with your friends and family.  Post your review in social media, or just call your friends.  Together, we can create a new world where everyone can use the power of romexting to build new relationships. 

Actual Book Review Example

"This is so cool! I really didn't even know where to begin with texting romantically. This books gives you simple instructions with examples to help you start creating the romance you desire. It's funny, instructive, simple to understand, and really helps generate ideas. Great idea!"


The Anatomy of a Romext
Probability Romance:
  The Odds of Meeting You
Celestial Romance:
  Time and Space
Historic Romance:
  Great Quotes  
Lyrical Romance:
  The Power of Song
Narrative Romance: 
  Telling a Story 
Spiritual Romance:
  A Greater Power
Freestyle Romance:
  Creating your Style

The Pattern of Romance: 
  Timing and Chemistry 

Romexting and Your Future


The time has come for you to  learn how to bridge the divide between you and romantic happiness through Romexting!  


Learn how to bring out the romantic feelings each of us holds inside, through the incredible power of Romexting.  The opportunity to do this is literally at your fingertips.  In a few short lessons, you will be creating personal messages specifically designed to connect you to a personal, intimate, and rewarding relationship and to renew the hidden romance in your current relationship. 

So what’s the catch?  Well, honestly… there isn’t one.  I believe that this book is so powerful that it will change your life.

I believe that when you read the short chapters, you will learn how to connect (or reconnect) to a deeper more
rewarding intimate relationship.

I believe the positive power of Romexting
will bring YOU joy!

Even after the free copies have been given away, your friends and loved ones will be able to access the e-book at a very affordable price.  As one of my exclusive readers, you’ll enjoy access to this amazing book and valuable romexting resources on my Web site. 


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